DK provides one-stop payment processing services for all major credit cards, PIN-based debit cards, fleet cards, gift and loyalty cards.

Payment Card Acceptance
  • DK has a customized point of sale “POS” solution that we specifically developed for any c-store and/or automated fuel dispenser merchant.
  • Our card payment processing accounts are designed to meet the needs of c-store merchants today, but more importantly are ready to meet technology trends of tomorrow.
  • Benefits of using the DK payment card network:
    • Built for the future
    • Faster transaction speeds
    • Easily reconcile your transaction costs
    • Total POS site management solution
    • No signature required
PIN-Based Debit
  • Industry analysts report that nearly one third of US consumers prefer using debit cards over any other form of payment.
  • PIN-based debit cards are secure and convenient for both merchants and cardholders.
  • DK can process PIN-based debit transactions quickly, easily, and securely through our direct connection to regional and national debit processing networks.
  • Benefits to accepting debit cards:
    • Reduced processing costs
    • More convenient than accepting checks
    • PIN access provides additional security
    • Reduced chargeback liability
    • Security built into every transaction
    • DK Debit Card
Fleet Cards
  • DK payment solutions allows your business to accept all major fleet card types.
  • Next day credit. Transaction batches are closed at the store and offer a smooth, non-staggered funding schedule.
  • Benefits of using Fleet cards:
    • Increase acceptance base and average ticket size
    • Drive business to your location
    • Easy reconciliation of your sales and deposits
    • Enhanced data for your fleet customers
  • Available Fleet Cards:
    • Wright Express
    • Voyager
    • Visa Fleet
    • MasterCard Fleet
    • Fleet One
    • Fuelman
    • ALON Commercial Fleet
    • ALON Universal Fleet
DK  Gift / Loyalty Cards
  • Almost 50 million adults purchase gift cards each year.
  • Gift cards are a fun and convenient way to shop for any occasion.
  • As opposed to paper gift certificates, gift cards are more durable, easier to track and difficult to counterfeit. It is an attractive way to market your business.
  • Plastic cards can be loaded for any amount up to $250.
  • The consumer purchases the gift cards using cash, check or a credit card.
  • Card activation is simple: the amount of the gift is loaded onto the gift card by swiping the card through your POS terminal and then keying in the desired amount.
  • Benefits of using Gift / Loyalty cards:
    • Gain new customers and increase sales
    • Create customer loyalty at your business
    • NO start-up cost, easy implementation, and NO card supply costs
    • Low transactions fees, no interchange costs