American Made Gasoline

An Investment in the
Present and Future

Supporting an American gas company isn’t just about fueling your car; it’s an investment in our regional economy. When you choose DK gas, you’re backing local jobs, community development, and energy independence. Every gallon purchased supports American workers and keeps dollars circulating within our region, fostering economic growth. Together, we drive towards a more self-sufficient and resilient future.

Locally Sourced and Refined – American Gasoline

At every DK gas station, we pride ourselves on being your local go-to fuel destination. From regular unleaded to mid-grade and premium, our fuel dispensers ensure that motorists can easily find the right fuel for their vehicles, delivering both efficiency and reliability.

More Than Just Gas

Beyond fuel, we strive to enhance the overall customer experience by offering a range of supplementary services, such as restrooms, tire air, and ATMs to ensure that our customers leave not only with a full tank but also with the peace of mind that they’ve been well taken care of during their visit to our station. Use our tool to find a DK gas station near you to see exactly what a location offers.

Why Local Matters

  • 1 Local Job Creation Purchasing American gas supports local employment opportunities in the refining, distribution, and retail sectors.
  • 2 Quality American gas is held to high standards for sourcing, refining, transit, and pumping.
  • 3 Economic Growth Jobs and taxes are created in all parts of the fuel process, supporting the local economy.
  • 4 Environmental Stewardship Our process reduces the carbon footprint of the fuel, and supports American standards of regulation.
  • 5 Community Support Buying American gas helps sustain your local communities by contributing to taxes and community outreach programs.
  • 6 Service Beyond just fueling up, our stations provide amenities and top notch experiences.

Make an Impact at the Pump

Where you fill up matters. Buying American at DK/Alon creates jobs, local tax dollars, and community resources, all while accessing high quality fuel at an exceptional value.

Community Fuels Us

We are truly a regional presence and are committed to staying that way. DK + Alon invests locally through sports sponsorships and sweepstakes, as well as local events and giveaways. Be sure to check out what’s happening near you!

Find a DK Gas Station

Enjoy the experience of a local neighborhood gas station – we have fuel and amenities for every type of driver and vehicle. You won’t have to look far to find a station with American gasoline – with over 700 locations, there’s one near you.