Delivering More with Diesel

Empowering Your Journey

DK recognizes the monumental role truckers and professional drivers play in our economy and everyday lives. That is why we are committed to improving our DK diesel offering and ensuring quality made fuel gets you to your destination with confidence.

Efficient Fuel Stops, More Drive Time

Take pride in choosing us as your trusted source for top-notch diesel fuel. You’ll find multiple diesel pumps at many of our stations, and we’re continually expanding our network to include dedicated diesel islands, ensuring maximum convenience for you, our valued professional driver.

Confidence on the Go

Whenever you refuel at DK, trust our diesel blend to maintain your engine’s peak performance, giving you more time on the open road. Our diesel options adapt to store location and seasonal changes, prioritizing care for your engine and keeping you on the go.

Locate a DK Gas Station with Diesel Fuel

Many DK gas stations carry diesel fuel and are even open 24/7. Find the nearest gas station near you with diesel.

Diesel FAQ’s at DK

A large majority of Alon and DK stations offer diesel fuel. Visit the location finder to confirm what locations have diesel fuel and other amenities.

We offer the Alon/DK Fleet Card, which is valid at any site in the Alon/DK station network, as well as the Alon/DK Universal Card, valid at 90% of US stations. Go here for more info regarding our fleet card offering.

Yes, for the convenience of large trucks, the majority of DK locations that have separate stand-alone diesel pumps offer high speed dispensers.

Commercial vehicles are more than welcome to fuel with us! See our payment options to learn more about how to get the most out of every fill up with our fleet card offerings.

Yes, for the convenience of large trucks, we have stand-alone diesel pumps at some DK gas locations.