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Frequently asked questions

Alon/DK Gift Cards are accepted at any Alon or DK branded store. If you experience issues utilizing your gift card, please reach us using the contact form above so we can investigate and provide you with a replacement.

Each station has different hours of operation. Visit our location finder and click on a station listing to learn more about hours of operation and other station attributes.

Alon and DK stations are always hiring! Use the contact form above to inquire about open retail opportunities.

Yes, most of our gas stations do sell diesel. See more details on our diesel here, or find a gas location near you that sells diesel using the station finder.

While it is up to each individual station owner, the majority of Alon and DK sites do have restrooms available to use for the public. Find a station near you to verify the site you are visiting has a restroom available for public use.

Easy Coins Rewards are only accepted at DK-Branded Convenience Store Locations. Visit to discover what stations accept Easy Coin Rewards.