El Dorado, Arkansas – February 14th marked a momentous occasion for the community as DK Fuel and T-Models joined forces to host a spirited celebration, marking the debut of the first DK-branded fuel station in El Dorado. Embracing the festive spirit of Valentine’s Day, DK and T-Model’s representatives went all out presenting each attendee with a single-stem rose. The giveaways didn’t end there as each attendee participated in a digital lottery, scratching off their tickets to reveal an array of fun prizes. From tumblers and speakers to tote bags, earbuds, and power banks, there was something for everyone. And for a lucky few, grand prizes of $100 fuel cards added an extra spark to the festivities.

Adding to the excitement, employees from the nearby Delek refinery, the parent company of DK Fuel and the source of DK’s refined fuel, were invited to join in for a special employee appreciation giveaway. The highlight of the event came when T-Models dropped fuel prices to $1.99 a gallon from noon to 1 pm. The irresistible deal attracted a swarm of cars, creating lines and filling the parking lot with eager customers.

With over 250 attendees, the grand opening proved to be a resounding success, serving as a warm introduction of the DK brand to the El Dorado market. The event provided a wonderful opportunity for DK to connect with the community and establish strong ties with its newest patrons. “We are thrilled by the overwhelming response from the El Dorado community,” remarked Josh Tidwell of DK Fuel. “The grand opening was a fantastic way to showcase what the DK brand stands for and to celebrate our partnership with T-Models.