Jan 6  |  News Release

Tyler, Texas – January 5th, Tyler saw a big event with the grand opening of DK Fuel and Fuel Runner Convenience Store at 2426 W. Gentry Pkwy. Tyler, home to one of four Delek refineries, has been identified as a key area for growth in the new year, making this celebration all the more significant.

Fuel Runner, the fourth DK Fuel-branded location in Tyler, opened its doors to an enthusiastic crowd. Attendees were treated to DK-branded goodies as everyone was a winner via DK’s digital scratch-off ticket system. From tumblers to speakers, tote bags, earbuds, power banks, and even $100 fuel cards, there were giveaways galore. Fuel Runner also served up free tacos from their new inside market, adding a tasty touch to the celebration.

Additionally, Delek Tyler refinery employees were invited to join in for a special employee appreciation giveaway as a thanks for all the hard work they do in supplying the city with nearly all of its fuel.

DK Fuel is thankful to Fuel Runner and Ezaan Oil for the partnership and the opportunity to get the DK name out in Tyler at such a beautiful station. We look forward to seeing what 2024 holds for DK Fuel and Tyler, Texas!