12 Dec 2023  |  News Release

Abilene, Texas – On December 11th, the ACU Wildcats took home the win against the McMurray Hawks on their home court in Moody Coliseum. Alon and DK Fuel, official sponsor of the ACU Wildcats, added to the excitement with spirited support, supplying Alon/DK Foam Fingers that amplified the crowd’s enthusiasm.

During halftime, Alon/DK hosted the “ABCDK Scramble” on-court promotion, featuring ACU student Grant. Blindfolded and guided by the crowd, Grant had 60 seconds to locate the letters “D” and “K”. Grant quickly grabbed the “D” but mistakenly grabbed an “M” instead of the “K”. Despite the mix-up, Grant’s effort paid off as he received a $100 fuel card from Alon and DK as a reward for his sportsmanship.

Alon and DK Fuel proudly supports the ACU Wildcats and looks forward to what the remainder of the season holds. GO WILCATS!